What’s your blog about?

What a simple yet difficult question. When I first started blogging, it was more or less an online journal of sorts. A means to talk to the universe, cause why not. Between the 7.125 billion people on earth, I figured having a place to drabble wouldn’t hurt. As I grew, it seems so has my blog; yet, our fundamentals are the same.

I still continue to blog about whatever I feel like chatting about with the universe. My interests are unchanged, it’s just I have begun vocalizing the other aspects of my interests and experiences now. I now talk about travelling, which I love, but this is by no means a travel blog. I love food, in terms of instagramming it and sharing recipes, but again, this is not a food blog. I talk about tips for life, but I am hardly Martha Stewart. I share music like the next DJ, but this is hardly mtv. I make observations about our culture, yet I’m no academic or a person of authority. Between staring at nail polish to my awkward love life and musings of living in 2 cultures, I am everywhere.IMG_4435.PNG

Would this make my blog a personal blog? But I hardly get into my personal business aside from the odd rant moment. It would appear that this is anything but a personal blog. I do not share intense personal conversations, only a snippet of where a thought is stemmed from. I do not list names. I do not list dates. I do not have an agenda of what this blog is to achieve. It is to just exist. In its existence, if I meet people, and share stories with others that can relate, is that not the greatest achievement? On a planet of 7 billion unique individuals, I met another that shares a thought. Now isn’t that what it’s all about.


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