My worst enemy

Dear worst enemy,

How I loath you. Every time I see you, I wonder what I did wrong. Did I not do everything right to avoid you? Did I not cleanse myself of all the dirt that consumes you? When I thought I washed myself clean from it all, you return, all perky and bright saying hello.

IMG_4436You are worst then the creepy aunties that ask me what I’m doing with my life and when I’ll be settling down.

You are worst than the half done pancakes I keep making.

Worse than the cold coffee that was suppose to be warm and snuggly.

Worse than the betrayal of the cheesecake.

Worse than when my eye linear wing doesn’t match.

Your presence is not wanted. Everyone told me I would be rid of you if I followed their advise. Every time, everyone told me that with time, it all gets better. Pop culture told me you would be gone, but nope, like the horrible cheesy movie that keeps coming on TV, you return.

All I can say now is, do whatever you want. I can’t be bothered anymore with covering up the bumps and scars you leave behind. I can’t be bothered with all the precautions I keep taking to avoid you. Enough is enough.

You came by in my teen years and had your fun. I’m well into my typical ‘adult’ years so please go away. I get it, I’m obsessed with watching my favourite shows and looking for a shirt with a sparkly pony on it but that that doesn’t mean I’m a teen. I’m just a kid at heart. There is a difference thank you very much.

In closing, I would just like to say please go away and never come back. I’m hoping that you burn like the blazing power of 5037482901 million rays of the sun!!!

Thank you.

P.s. My enemy is my acne :p


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