Berry and Avocado Smoothie


The Smooth life returns!


Be Amazed!

This only happened because I can’t find orange juice anymore and I’m too lazy to make a proper breakfast! hurrah!

Ingredients: half an avocado | 3-4 Strawberries | more then handful of blueberries | milk | dash of sugar

Mix them up and voila, so much berry you would not know what to do. Contrary to what you might think about avocado, I have found that you can barely taste it in the smoothie making it a hidden surprise of all the goodness aside from the taste.

Why so many blueberries? I ran out of bananas 😦 Easy to say, this smoothie is basically all blueberries, which is fine but after a while, you miss the consistency that only a banana can give. I am bananas about banana! haha get it? no? I’ll stop now.

Did you guys try this one?


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