Seeking fulfillment

IMG_4371.JPGWhy is it so easy to point to something and expect it to give us fulfilment? Why is it so easy to say getting that product will make me happy, or getting a pet will fill that void, or taking that trip will make it all go away and happiness will be mine? This is a bit like trying to fill that gap in your chest.

I find doing this is just running away from the problem. You are not addressing the real issue of what is causing you discontent and what you should be doing to make yourself happy. By placing your happiness outside, you are putting it in a place of vulnerability and giving yourself more excuses. It can be hard to have a serious conversation with yourself about what it is that is the thorn on the side. Sometimes it’s something that you are trying to avoid in addressing.

However, this is a part of growing up. This is what they call the struggle. The struggle to find yourself and address your flaws and tackle them on without pointing fingers.

Even if you get that cool tv or cute puppy or go to Cuba to blow off the steam and hope that it will make you happy. It may. It may for the first few days. But the feeling will return. So why bother with short fixes?

Long term fixes take effort. They take time. They take being strong enough to stand through the storm of emotions that are going through your mind. But once you do, you will be happier, because happiness can only be found within you. We all have our own path, our own journey. When you start to compare your journey to others, you are digging your own hole of unhappiness. Within yourself, holds all the answers.



One thought on “Seeking fulfillment

  1. Yeah, finding happiness in artificial things is more than ridiculous. But, in the end it’s all about choices one make for how they want to seek happiness in life. For some it is okay to seek it from artificial things and they don’t even mind. I believe you can’t define how and from where to seek happiness for others.


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