Let it Snow and other Maleficent things

I finally watched Frozen. I know, it’s been forever, and yes, I kind of get the hype now.

I originally didn’t want to watch it because I thought ‘okay, another lame Disney movie, whatevs, can’t be bothered since Pixar does them better.‘ I grew up during the wonderful golden age of Disney, aka the animated age when they actually drew the animation instead of CGI’ing it all. So my favourite Disney movies memories are enshrined within the magic of The Little Mermaid, The Beauty and the Beast, the Christmas version of Beauty and the Beast and Mulan. (no Lion King ’cause it’s cool and all, but it wasn’t like my fav, it’s alright) In comparison, I figured, okay, Pixar is coming out with really good stories now to replace the void that Disney became. From Monsters Inc, to Finding Nemo, I really didn’t feel the need to give Disney a chance anymore.

So after months of avoiding it, of sitting through my niece singing ‘let it go’ and ‘do you want to build a snowman’ jokes, I finally watched it. Verdict: Disney has still got the magic.

The story is unique, it’s exciting, it goes against what Disney has been setting up as the idea of love to other forms and manifestations. It’s nice to see that finally a children’s movie has come out that doesn’t try to sexualize the main characters, which is what usually ends up happening (hello to the last scene in every movie with the Prince and the Princess kiss). But rather, shows that other bonds can exist. I felt the same for when I watched Maleficent.

Maleficent takes on the (boring in my opinion) Sleeping Beauty story and makes it sooo much better! Primarily because it challenges not only the idea of what is a ‘villain’ but also ‘true love’. The idea of good/bad/hero/villain no longer exists, but the grey area that children’s stories and films tended to avoid.

Overall, no I do not want to build a snowman, yes the Let it Go song is kinda cool, but Olaf with his awkwardness of ‘I don’t have a skull or bones’ was cute.

That’s basically me watching Frozen and Olaf being like ‘haiiiii’.

How did you like the movie?


4 thoughts on “Let it Snow and other Maleficent things

  1. love this!
    I saw Frozen and Maleficent in theatres (because’ i’m perpetually seven years old) and thought they were both good. I have to train my brain not to expect everyone to end up with a prince. just like i have to train my life….

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