Wintery Brew

It’s snowing! Let’s catch up on our week, I’ve got my chai, what are you drinking?

Winter is in full swing here in Toronto, so of course, I would sleep in my bed forever and just snuggle into the couch watching movies, because, what? I’m going to productive? haha no #jks

My week was somewhat of an emotional roller coaster as I attempted to find a dress for my friend’s engagement. It seemed that every dress I tried on was either highlighting my gut, or my chubby arms or was just doing nothing but showing my short-chubby body. It’s very easy be critical of yourself, but it’s important to remind yourself that everyone is different. As cool as the fitted sequin dress is that has cut outs all over (why is this in fashion, like why??) there is nothing wrong with sticking to your classic style that fits your body best. After all, it’s more important to feel comfortable and happy in what your wearing, than to feel awkward and out of your element.

With my socialization and participation in social activities in full swing, I am so tempted to go to or host a Christmas/Holiday sweater party. Is November too soon to have a christmas sweater party? I just want to see what all the fun is about. I have ideas about all the Mariah Carey I’ll be playing in the background, the Christmas tree out. I’m just stumped on the activities.

In other news, I have so far been so out of motivation that I have yet to properly get to working out, organizing my room or even properly job searching. It’s like I’m on vacation mode, which, I am not. #sadface


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