Monday’s & parties

Got your cuppa? I think I need a strong one cause this Monday, I just can’t seem to move!

How was your week guys? Mine was somewhat busy. My weekend especially! There was a birthday party and a fundraiser gala, which was fun until my face was like ‘imma make you regret this when you wake up!

Birthday parties are always fun. I make new friends, check out new restro and what they have to offer and the general vibe. This time we went to place turns into a lounge/club after 11. The highlight for me was def seeing this girls hairdo. Now, if you follow me on Instagram you might have seen this, if not it’s cool.

I can’t stop looking at that topknot-updo-bun. It’s like a Pinterest gone wrong, or maybe this is what is in now? Either way, it made my night and eventually they looked over at us wondering why we were all laughing so hard. #soshameless

The fundraiser was fun, it was to raise awareness for people with disabilities and living with disabilities. As my usual shameless self, all I noticed was how much of a booty the minister of employment has. Or as my med friend likes to call it: “His “booty” is because his fat messes with the usual curvature of the spine. Nerds like me call it hyperlordosis.”


Anywho, how was your week? Xx


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