The “good” girl

A question that has been almost plaguing my mind is whatever happened to appreciating the good girl. In case you’re wondering, urban dictionary likes to describe the good girl as:

A Genuine Good Girl: A truly good girl. Not a “bad girl who doesn’t get caught”. Genuine Good Girls, or GGGs, don’t drink, smoke, do drugs, have sex or anything else considered ‘bad’. They do their homework, they eat right, exercise, and do what they know is best for them and they don’t cave under peer pressure. They are genuine because they have no ulterior motive to their behaviour and they don’t do it for someone else.

Like whatever happened to appreciating the genuine good girls when you meet them in real life? Or when you meet them in a romantic styles setting. It’s like everyone is looking for someone who does it all, yet they fail to notice their own imperfections.

It’s like, you followed the path of doing what was right, and yet, it’s still not enough because something is always missing. At this point, it kinda makes me wonder, is this why most people decide to just stick the finger to the man and do whatever it is they wanted because, like, it’s just not worth it. Why not dye your hair purple and just be like F* you. Why not wear whatever you want and let your hair down, because there ain’t no prince charming who will be the prize at the end.

Pop culture kinda idolizes this persona as well. As Bruno Mars and B.O.B, put it in “Nothin’ On You”: And you out and you ain’t got nothing on, Baby you the whole package plus you pay your taxes, And you keep it real while them other stay plastic.’

As nice as it is to feel that, yeah you are different, sometimes, one can’t help but feel bummed out that when it comes to dating, the other side just doesn’t appreciate it. They find 5 other things to point out that make you just wonder, what the hell?! I don’t even fully like you yet, and this is your attitude!? 

Is being a good girl really not worth it anymore? Is it really an unappreciated label to have, as far as labels go? What have your experiences been?


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