It’s December!? Grab your cup of coffee, tea or milk (in my case) and let’s catch up!

OMG! Have all 11 months really passed and now we are onto the final one? whah! I can’t even deal right now. My week was eventful as it usually is. Work, party, work, party, work, watch as much New Girl as I can. My friend’s really like to be social. My parent’s friends like to be really social. I like going where there is going to be food. So of course, I get really social.

It’s funny because I figured, Oh, I shall be healthy and aim for salads and soups this week, but nope. I’m attacking the bread basket like it’s my life line. opps. So now, I’m not even bothering with it. Instead mumsy’s on my case to do yoga with her. As much as I like yoga, I’m just not feeling it right now, you know.

Remember how I mentioned that I’m going to basically tame the world with my 5 different activities. yeah, none of that is happening because winter tries to keep coming and now I’m in hibernation. I fully slept for 12hours and I do not regret it at all. Is this normal behaviour for a young 25-year old? Yes. Yes it is!

I decided to give New Girl another chance, and season 4 is proving to be amazing! I like it so far.


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