Mornings and Evenings

Got your cuppa? I’m really into juice these days, what about you? Let’s catch up on our week!

It feels like the week goes by so fast that I can’t even remember what happened!? Is this a good thing? Maybe I’m in such a boring pace that my brain has decided to not even bother registering what happens on a daily basis. Am I the only one or does this happen to you too?

My job search continues, I need to find an articling positing which is basically a placement with a Lawyer to learn how to be a lawyer in the practical sense. Seems easy enough, but of course I’m in Toronto where the competition is really high and the usually hiring time of August has passed. But the perseverance continues!

TV wise- I realized that I missed a week of Mindy so course, it was like a bonus encore night when I watched 2 episodes. I like it. It still has its sass while taking the story forward in a positive way without loosing the other characters and their side stories. New Girl season 4 is like back in season 1 world, it’s getting back to the weirdness it’s all about.

The socializing continues! With dinner, to the potential party that was suppose to happen on saturday-cancelled-to famjam with the cousins (no regrets) to a potential crashing a wedding reception!

I wonder if there are too many dancing gifs in the post? LOL NAH BRO! also, I might be obsessed with coffee cake description items. The other day, I had a coffee cake muffin and it was glorious!

How was your week?


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