Year in Review

It seems like December is all about christmas decorations, holiday drinks, lights and looking back onto the year. Looking back, 2014 was all right, it had its high and lows, but overall it wasn’t so bad. How about we sneak back there and check it out eh?

Fams: I have a baby cousin! That was def the highlight in the family department! Holding my baby cousin in my arms after being born merely 15 mins ago was def a surreal moment and was super cool. And then skyping with the overseas family and showing them the newest member was so memorable. My iPhoto library is full of way too many baby pictures. lol

Friends: Release from exams meant socializing again! It seems my splurge of socializing has put my friends in the habit of seeing me, which doesn’t work out all the time because I tend to prioritize my family events. But, I’m glad to find my core group of friends again to hang out with.

School: I finished my major exams and now am onto the last leg of formal education. Although my plan was to be done with it all this year, I don’t mind. I would have had to make a last minute dash, which I wasn’t ready to make.

Travel: It was good to me this year; took a trip to India and a quick trip to New York. The Cousin is in the midst of convincing me for LA, but I like to spend the incoming new year with the fams. I wanted to try to make a trip to the UK happen, but that was getting too conflicting.

Work: I interned for most of the year, and it was a great opportunity. Although I could do without the mean supervisor who decided to embarrass me on purpose to prove a point and pushed me to a point of questioning my competence; I did learn a few things about presentation and drafting. For some reason, it was like even though I put in my 100% it was coming up as less. Surprisingly, they offered me a paid position, which I ended up declining. It felt like the last day of school that day. #whenitfeelsright

Romantic Styles: LOL I’m convinced I’m just can’t be bothered.

Feelings: The year went by super fast but there was a lul in the summer which I credit to finding myself and just overall staggness. After being in school for so long, that when the prospect of going into the ‘real world’ was overwhelming.

Hobbies: I got into gardening and painting again! I’m very excited about the painting. Although I stopped for work, I still happy that I took the time out to do some.

Fitness: I did yoga for like a month, that counts right? LOL

How was your year? 


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