Morning tired brew

Got your coffee? I feel like I need an extra shot today cause I’m so tired! What are you having? Let’s chat about our week as I attempt to open my eyes.

My week has been fairly consistent and not very exciting. Wake up in the am, and chill with the famz on the pm. It’s strange that all the snow that came on Thursday is almost melted. Maybe this is global warming, or Mother Nature’s way of balancing out from last year’s snow storm, but December is meant have -10 degrees and with snow on the ground. Not plus weather and snow melting like it’s April. I totes think Canada is getting hormonal and maybe we should pay attention to the environment.

It weekend was suppose to be social, with a date and birthday party; but date got cancelled and birthday went way past my 10 pm bedtime. Is this what it means to be getting old? Perhaps. The Friday night bed time seems to have messed up my whole sleeping pattern since Saturday and Sunday was a struggle. Going to bed at 2am is not an amazing idea when you have to be up and out by 9. That may not be super early but it is for me, who spent the last 3-4 months on a studying sleep cycle. This morning was a struggle for realz.

I’d like to say I was a good kid on the weekend. No crazy parties, just staying at home, and I even got some cleaning and laundry in! I know! It’s a miracle. I’m becoming an adult. I even cleaned up my brows. I know, it was a very productive day. Although now, I end up staring into my brows cause one is a tad bit higher than the other. I’m kinda OCD like that. So that’s super distracting. By the end of it I was losing morale, so of course I listened to Beyonce.

OMG why has it taken me months to finally get around to listening to her latest music?? For some reason, it’s like I get into music when its like 2-3 months old and everyone has already jammed to it. Like, it’s a problem. For far, I’m favourite songs ended up being the really strong beat ones. Flawless is just a finger to all the haters and judgmental comments. It really is the perfect song to get ready to, I also love how on point it is with the current it is with the topic of feminism. I already feel a post inspired by the song. Partition is really empowering and as sexual as the video gets, it’s not like Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda where it’s vulgar. Mine is just beautiful visually, with it’s nod to great works of art and am totes loving that jewel tone eye make look.

How was your week? Do you also take forever to get into music? Any favourite Beyonce songs?


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