Failure: It’s not the end

I’m sure a moment has come in your life at one point or another where you studied really hard, but it just wasn’t good enough. That moment when you worked so hard that you gave yourself an anxiety attack and some extra grey hairs when you didn’t need to have grey hairs, yet it fell short at the end.

Those moments are some that you can hardly forget. I still remember mine. The first time I failed a test: it was on rounding numbers in grade 6? I had to redo the test, but for some reason, I just couldn’t get the hang of it. Even today, as much as I *think* I get it, I kinda struggle with it. The second time was for my drivers test, the practical one. I had to fight to control the tears since I didn’t want the instructor to see me crying over failing. When I got home I cried hardcore cause I was so close to passing. After that, I think I stopped taking my failures that close to the heart. It took me two more tries to pass my driver’s license exam, but I did it. It wasn’t the end.

Sometimes you want something so bad that when you don’t get it, you wonder does an equal alternative even exist? I felt like that when I didn’t get into my preferred university of choice. I had my heart set on a university that I had visited, complete with daydreams of what my dorm life would be life, and running across campus to get to classes. Of course, when I found out that I wasn’t accepted, it was a bummer moment. Looking back, I wonder, how is it that I got into the top Canadian University that is ranked globally, but not to the one that I had my heart set on. Sometimes, the world just has different plans for you.

If we could look ahead and get a peak of what life has in store, it would probably save us from a lot of headaches and heartache. However, trusting yourself to achieve greatness is something that cannot be taught in class or in a workshop. It is developed over time, by falling down and learning to face the fear of failure to become stronger. I think if anything, that speaks volumes for your character and creating that sense of perseverance is important. There are going to be so many moments in your life where you try so hard but you don’t get the intended result. Those moments make you. They make you shine brighter because you can either be sad, or face the music and come out better. Cause it’s never a dead end. There is always a choice and always a way around.


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