Coming of Age type deal

As I continue the theme of looking back on the year, I figured it’s a good time to also take a deeper look into this past year. As amazing and blessed this year was, I look back and wonder what pockets are left to reflect on and improve. The new year is bringing in more changes and hopefully they are on the high notes.

As I transition from my school-time-life to work-life, there are a lot of changes that I still need to adapt to. I guess this is the part in those “coming-of-age” movies try to show. The slow part where the main character sits alone on the bench with some sad yet uplifting indie song playing in the background, as the character finds their inner strength to overcome the problem at hand. I guess, for me, the part that I need to work on is finding the balance between focusing and building my career and my personal life. This must be the age old battle of professional life and personal life, but after devoting most of my life up till date to my personal life as the priority, its strange to readjust the dials.

This is the part that I didn’t get around to envisioning, and it’s funny that this is the part that every twenty-something doesn’t bother thinking about. Growing up everyone bombards you with ideas of what the end of the road looks like and how the journey is really hard yet, at the end you will have many cool antidotes that you share at dinner parties. But no one mentions that moment when you are to make that mental switch to the other side. It’s not just one moment. It’s many moments. Moments that are trials and tribulations. Trials that test your limits. That test your emotions. That test your question and answer of happiness. The answer may not be as clear as a true and false or the letter “a” in the multiple choice question.

Maybe it’s hard because we are more than one thing. We are multi-dimensional. We are more than black and white. More than our career, more than our hobbies, more than our taste in music or our education. To balance all these ingredients into our life, in an attempt to make it happen we often fall into the trap of feeling overwhelmed. But, surviving that trap is part of the trials and tests. It is a part of the coming of age package that no one tells you. It is part of the fine print, which is okay, ’cause after all, you need some antidotes to tell at those dinner parties, right?


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