Thoughts for the new year

It’s New Years Eve and the new year is mere hours away. Why is it that we place so much importance on a day where we hope to magically transform our year? Is life a movie where sparks will fly and bam, a new beginning with all your problems gone and you are now the perfect person you want to be?

As much as we want to hope that will happen, that’s like waiting for the Hogwarts letter to come in. As much as I would be a cool wizard, I know it’s a futile attempt.

So this year, aim for this instead:

Aim to have to strength to conquer your fears.

Aim to have the courage to chase your dreams.

Aim to be fearless in making your goals come to light, and,

Aim to fill your life with more love and happiness because you deserve it!


4 thoughts on “Thoughts for the new year

  1. Yeah, but its human tendency that we look for reason to do anything and if new year is giving that reason to start believing in ourselves and begin a new chapter of life with positive attitude then why not?


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