Don’t give last year a bad name

The prodigal year that we all hyped up to be the year, is here, which is better than the last, cause of course, last year was sooo lame. I don’t know when this became a habit. Why is it that ‘last year’ is always bashed for the worse? Granted, world politics and events have made it a sad one, yet, I’m sure your personal life wasn’t that bad. Maybe it’s become a habit of our generation to negate everything in hopes that something better will come out.

How about you look at those events and try to make them positive instead?

Rather than getting annoyed at how your family was on your case this year for your love life or financial status; how about you look at it like this: Be grateful to have a family that cares enough to call me on a consistent basis because they don’t want you to be all depressed and sad, even though you may not be.

Rather than cry over the break-up or talk about how your friends all left you; how about look at it like this: You got out of a relationship that would have been damaging to you later on because the person didn’t care enough for you. If your friends left, good riddance, ain’t nobody got time for people with too many expectations but your own.

Rather than whine about your inability to complete your resolutions; how about looking at it like this: You didn’t have time ’cause you were doing other amazing things with your life, like enjoying yourself. If completing a resolution feels like a chore, why do it? If something within you doesn’t give you the motivation to do it, why push yourself for a false sense of happiness. The reason you didn’t do those resolutions, is because deep down, you had better things to do (for me, that’s marathoning another Korean Drama, what was yours?). 

So Kitten, don’t be glum about the last year, and stop making it seem like the worse. Why?

Because you made it. You lived to see the Earth complete another full rotation around the Sun, and it was glorious. It was as glorious as the day you had amazing hair, when the sunlight was perfect for a selfie and when you found your song of the year.

Salute! Happy New Year!


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