Here’s to the first Monday of the year

Got your cuppa? Might be a strong one to get over the holidays and back to the daily grind. While we take our 15th break, let’s chat.

Firstly, OMG its Monday and you survived! I’m so proud of you! Also, did you notice the new layout? Do you like? yes? yes? I’m going to try to keep it to this layout for at least this year, if not, at least 6 months. I know, I change the theme so many times that it gets confusing, but I promise, this is the theme for this year! 😀 sooo, do you like?

Are you ready for the new year? The new you? Have you started on those resolutions that you made? I’m so failing on those, right about now. So far, the new year has brought some mild stress, a desperate need for a massage and a de-cluttering of my closet and, I remembered to clean up my eyebrows, so I’d like to think this year is going to be great. The de-cluttering has been the best part so far. I like to finally say, yes, I’m going to let it these things go.

I’m going to make space for all the new cool things that 2015 is gonna bring. I think mentally, I’m just looking at this year as getting rid of more and more. I really don’t need to have so many things, so why am I keeping it all? It’s just taking up space in my room that I could use for something else. I want to aim for a more simple living environment, to go with my simple – less is more outlook. Let’s see how long that lasts. I’m also tempted to ditch my bed for a twin one so I can get more space, but so far, all twin beds look really bad 😦 Why is that?

How was your holiday season? Many parties? My holiday season was a bit of a relaxing one, since my family doesn’t really celebrate it much. But, the month of January is becoming the month of socializing. Between religious ceremonies, and cultural events, I’m sure to get proper use out of all my desi wear and all the fun things that go along with that! Hurray

In other news, I am attempting to read before going to bed, but, I just end up re-reading Twitter and watching youtube vlogs. You know you love them too!

How was your first day back? How were your holidays? Whats your favourite drink so far?


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