Aim-full seeking aim

I guess that is what it’s about this year. Seeking aim and seeking to wrap up loose ends. As adulthood draws closer and closer (in the sense of full employment and no more studying), I aim to complete the loose ends of many projects. Projects like de-cluttering, travelling, painting, and reading. I really don’t want this year to just pass by without any sense of adventure.

It’s so easy to just lose that side of yourself when faced with the responsibility of life, but it’s important.

Looking at that cartoon clip, I think it’s important to remember that you are not dividing up your life. It’s easy to compartmentalize your time and life, but how about not doing that?

How about translating that approach to something else, something healthier? Something that results in more happiness?

As I attempt to somehow change my approach to make this year meaningful, whether its telling myself that tonight I will attempt some leisure reading or try doing some squats, I realize need more clarity in where I want to go. After all, isn’t this what our twenties are for? For us to fight our minds with the limitless world and become who we want to be.

Let’s multiply the resolve. Let’s multiply the energy. Let’s multiply the desire to achieve the stuff of dreams. Let’s multiply, to find that aim to make this year, what it’s meant to be.


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