Sassy gossiping uncles?

“So I was at your aunts, and she told me that mr. X came by and said that ‘you are secretly in talks with an upcoming lawyer! Did you know? Tell us the details won’t you!'” – Mia madre

How does that make sense? Welcome to the world of the sassy gossiping uncles. It seems that uncles have learned a thing or two from their favourite counterpart: the aunties. They now attempt to trap fellow relatives for information galore since they feed on family and friends life. If facebook was not enough, it seems they uncles and aunties are taking a note out of Indian dramas and enacting them.

As I lay in bed thinking of a delightful way to humiliate said uncle, I wonder, is that the way to go? Is this the foundation that my parents instilled, to embarrass the elders even thought they may be encroaching on my privacy and just making stuff up about my private life?

I can only presume that their own life is so dull and boring that they decided to make something exciting happen in mine. As nice as the thought is, unfortunately for them, my private life is quite private. Following such a stint, they will probably be one of the last to know if I do find someone.

In the meantime, I guess I should just follow my aunt, who asked Mr. X instead who this fellow was. Maybe there is a cool upcoming lawyer guy I can meet! Update: I ended up embarrassing the uncle by asking him why uncles are the centre of all the gossip talk and who it could be? LOL

Has this ever happened to you? How did you get out of it? Tell me the details, won’t you?


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