5 Years Strong

So apparently it was my blog-verasary yesterday and um, has it really been that long??? These past five years have whizzed past and it feels like yesterday, when I opened up blogger to start a blog and then moved to WordPress to get it really going.

It has been quite the journey and it feels I get the same rush of excitement when I click ‘publish’ and see if someone likes a post or even comments! I love comments lol I hope through these past 5 years, my writing has improved, the content is more interesting and overall, this blog has become a place for you to come and be happy.

I started as a teenage-antsy blog where I ranted about all that jazz to discussing cool social media stuff that caught my eye as I progressed through University. As I journeyed across the pond, my blogging adventures followed to England and Law School. Now that I’m back home, lifestyle content and life updates seem to be the centre of my blog.

I’d like to think I’ve grown as a person; not only in my digital life, but also in my non-digital life. I hope I have matured enough to move past the negativity, but still retained that bemused attitude to what life has to offer in this grand adventure.

Congrats to all the followers, to all those that like my posts, comment, find me on Twitter and Instagram (social media creepers unite!), for making these past 5 years seem like yesterday!

Let’s keep flying in this digital world where we become united in our words and the physical boundaries and distance has no place in the magic that we create in this limitless digital world.

ALSO: OMG this is my 500th post!!!! What is life!


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