Got your cup of steaming hot cup of yumminess? I’m really loving chai tea lattes but how can you not, right? Let’s catch up and talk about our week 🙂

It is already the last week of January, like, how is this even happening!? It feels like a short period of time but also a long period of time at the same time, if that makes sense. The weather is sunny and confusing since it’s Canada it’s supposed to be -10 outside. Oh well.

My weekend seems to comprise of movies. I had a Hunger Games marathon with the fam on the weekend so that was nice. Having a slumber party of food and movies somehow always ends in a good way. Add a baby to the mix and it’s like live entertainment. Still need to watch the most recent Hunger Games. Last night, mums and I decided to watch Into the Woods and Big Hero 6 which were totally adorable. I remembered Into the Woods vaguely, since back in High School our school did that play. But, the movie is interesting with the musical aspect. Big Hero 6 was my favourite. Baymax is so adorable!

I loved the concept of the city, a cross between San Fran and Tokyo. Something like that needs to happen! It eventually will I’m sure, with the global migration and cultural melting pot, but still.

In other news, Target is closing down all of it’s Canadian stores so if course, this is my opportunity to raid them and get all the cool stuffs. So far, not that many great sales going on, and all the cool stuff I wanted to grab are all gone. 😦 oh wells. I’m still trying to declutter anyways.

How was your weekend? Do anything fun?


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