Pamper Yourself

There are moments when you come to a place where you might feel like now is not the time to pamper yourself. Where you feel that you don’t deserve to pamper yourself because of some event or circumstances.

These past few weeks, that is where I am. I feel that because certain situations didn’t happen the way I had hoped, so now I don’t deserve the treat. I cannot reward myself for something I didn’t work towards, or earned. It’s been a few weeks, where I shut myself off from shopping for clothes or makeup and going out, because to me, that felt like I didn’t deserve it so why should I be having fun and treating myself. Of course, you can argue that because I am so bummed out, maybe I should treat myself because I did work hard. But alas, my mind doesn’t work that way. If I did good, I get a treat yourself moment and endless pamper sessions; but if it didn’t work out, then sorry, try again.

Yesterday, I was at the mall helping mumsy run some errands when I found myself wandering into Zara. There was a sale. It’s almost like a sign, like, you have repented enough, come now! Try this top on, look at this poke-a-dot trousers, oh the coats! The next thing I know, I’m cashing out and I feel a little better. I did need to update my closet and I’ve been avoiding it because it’s winter so what’s more cooler than a sweater, but a girl can prepare for spring right? As I continued to walk towards the food court, I find myself peeking into Sephora but stopping myself thinking:

Why should I look at makeup, I have enough of it! After all, i don’t even wear that much to warrant getting more. I mean, I was just at Target the other day and I got a new eye liner so now you can’t look at the Marc Jacobs one so stop. But wait, didn’t you want to check out the face mask? The face pizza situation ain’t going anywhere you know.

These thoughts rumbled through my mind as I drooled over the chipotle being made. I was hungry okay, and it was chipotle. As we began our journey out of the mall, we crossed paths with Sephora again. The deed was done. We walked in and focused in on the skin care. After about 30 minutes looking over and talking with the guy about what to use and what not to use, we were on our way.

What did I learn from all this except that Sephora needs to be in the mall by my house? That you shouldn’t deny yourself. You shouldn’t tell yourself to not treat yourself because something didn’t work out. Of course you can have a period of a few weeks, but don’t drag it out so long that you begin to dislike everything. As I tried on my new face mask and moisturizer, I wondered, can this little pampering moment make a difference? It did. Aside from taking a hit to my credit card, the principle of the matter was I went out and treated myself. I allowed myself to feel pampered and feel good. It doesn’t matter what it is.

A spark of a good feeling can hit the fireworks in all aspects of your life so why not let it spark!

It can be sports, gaming, shopping, reading; whatever it is, accept it and feed the good feels.

Has this happened to you? How do you deal with it?


3 thoughts on “Pamper Yourself

  1. I treat myself with expensive dinners sometimes. I love trying new food! So once in a while, I like to go to fancy expensive restaurants and just not even think about the price, but more on what I want to really eat. It’s worth it every time. Even if my bank account doesn’t agree.

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