Realizing who you are

The journey to self discovery is an interesting one. While some innately know their path, others need to find where their path leads. While on the road to realization it is so easy to doubt yourself and question why you are doing what you are doing. It is so easy to question whether you even love what you do; after all, this is the set up of your life.

It is best at these moments to step back and recharge your batteries and ask yourself: what do you see for yourself? In the ideal world, what do you expect your life to be like? Without any barriers and restrictions.

I have realized that maybe the reason I have been having a road block so to speak these days is maybe because I stopped making myself first and made the other factors in my life more important. The life that I desired or aimed to get was clouded with other factors that weren’t a priority for me. If anything, these thoughts posed to be a great obstacle in my road to self discovery and being an adult.

After all, being an “adult” in the correct sense means that you become responsible for your actions and decisions; whether they be physical, mental or emotional. I realized that I was being an adult physically and mentally, but emotionally I was capping myself. I was letting others dictate so to speak about the path I should take.

I understand that society has many roles to play in guiding the path and giving you ideas of what to expect, but I wonder, if we let that become the deciding factor? Do we let go in instances where we do not want to let go because it will make living more convenient? I guess these are queries that we come to answer slowly but surely, but till then, I’m going to try putting myself first.

I need to make myself a priority in what I want and what I desire out of life. I need to write out what my realizations are. Maybe writing them will clarify my goals to myself and maybe even serve to be an inspiration. If I see where I want to go, I will see it and be reminded.

I mean, it is kind of hard to get lost when the directions are in your hands, right?


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