Dystopian trends

Gone are the days of Twilight and all things vampire and supernatural related and onto to the next big thing. In terms of cinema and tv shows, I don’t mind that all things vampire and werewolfs are out. I wasn’t that much of a fan anyway, I mean, a sparkling vampire? Really? My love for that genre begins and ends with Dracula and the phantom of the opera.

The Eye Gaze doe

With the onset of The Hunger Games, it seems that dystopian societies are the next big hit. Although I don’t mind since the topic is interesting, but it can get so overplayed so fast!

Between movies: The Hunger Games has clearly set the standard. However, the Maze Runner and Divergent cannot be ignored. These three movies set the tone for a society wanting to better themselves but at one point they merge into the same plot line. I mean, it’s like all of them have hidden agendas that starts with a nuclear war and ends with a coup d’tat.

In contrast, tv is doing a bit better with The 100, which also looks at dystopian future but from space and a more realistic after effect. Between battling radiation, tribal societies and basic survival instincts, it’s a smarter way of looking at how it would be.

I guess when all of this gets dull, we at least have our superhero movies/shows to look forward to right?

What are your favourites out of the latest dystopian shows/movies?


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