Valentines to Galentines

Behold everyone, the day of love approach-eth and if thy beloved is not ready to bestow upon you the treasures of their affection, beware!

Am the only one that finds this “holiday” ridiculous? Sure, I’m single so I have yet to experience the greatness that is Valentines day, but is it really necessary to add on a day for people to proclaim their love?

If anything, it holds expectations that people didn’t know they had. Expectations are the worst, and if anything after New Years Eve, Valentines Day is the expectation that if you don’t have someone to love, you better find someone, cause you might be forever alone!

What we end up forgetting the most, is that you need to love yourself first. This isn’t a pity party mind you! If that’s what you think treating yourself might be, then you might need to re-evaluate yourself. Love yourself by treating yourself. Be your own valentine, even if you are in a relationship.

Treat yourself to Galentines day, when you celebrate your friends and you!

Treat yourself to how you want to be treated on V-Day! 

Treat yourself how you deserve to be treated, because you don’t need a Hallmark holiday to remind yourself of how awesome you really are!

How are you celebrating Love-yourself-Day?


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