Dear Brain: Shut up

These days I’m really into taking Epsom Salt baths since they help to reduce stress and the like, which is great! The thought of being in hot water (when it’s like -20 outside) with magical salts that make you all relax and leave your skin all soft and moisturized? YASS!

However, as is the norm in taking a bath, one must “soak” in these wonderful salts for more than 5 mins. Not 15, but maybe even 20+ minutes to really get the full effects going. As someone who belongs to the generation of always being ‘on’ – in terms of social media, life, news, thinking of something, doing something; the relax concept – where you shut all of these things down is a foreign concept.

You might be wondering, geez, just take a magazine with you or put some music on, but instead I ask you this:

Do you know how to relax without distracting yourself?

Do you know how to be alone with your thoughts? 

Can you sit for 10 minutes without looking at your phone and do nothing?

Just sit there and do nothing. No tv, no books, no phone, no nothing, no conversation.

I may have just described meditation but the principle is the same. In fact, to properly mediate, you should be taking out almost 40-60 minutes! (I checked wikipedia and wikipedia never lies #yolo) To sit for that long a time period not processing something is uncomfortable.

I have the biggest problem with this as is evident by my 2am bedtime (I fixed this from my 3-4am! #progress) when I really should be asleep earlier. I’m not up studying or working out, I’m just staring at youtube, because I can’t shut down my brain to sleep so rather than stare into my ceiling and remember all the things I have to do, I’d rather distract my mind into tiredness and sleep. This is a real problem and I can already tell that this is just the beginning of a spiral downwards. Rather, this is something we should be working towards.

I’ve noticed that I am easily able to ‘turn off’ when I’m travelling to places that don’t offer wifi or just with family. As great as mental stimulation is, I wonder if we, as a generation, seek it from unhealthy sources. We seek it from entertainment, our phones, the endless ‘keeping up with our friends’ that Facebook easily provides, looking at picturesque lifestyles of our peers when it might just be a filter a la Instagram. Perhaps, it’s time to seek it from within, to seek peace and stimulation from our conscious.

What helps you shut off? What tips would you recommend to relax?


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