What’s been going on

How’s it going sweet pea? Can you believe it, February is almost over! It’s like, a waste of a month really. Oh wells. How’s it going with you? Here is what I’ve been up to.

I’m really into taking baths these days, as I have mentioned before, as salt baths are apparently known for being amazing and do wonders to your skin and whatnot. As my journey into the land of relaxation continues, I am trying a few tricks here and there to pass the time of ‘relax’ of 10-15-20 minutes. I have tried the watching an episode of New Girl to pass the time. I have tried staring at my phone to keep with up the oscars (which by the way, was alright, it’s kinda becoming lame), and/or creeping on Instagram. I really need to find other things to do, so far my list includes listening to a podcast, music, listening to an audiobook, or watching some other show until I can figure out how to read a book without dropping it in the water. How do you usually ‘relax’?

The oscars were on last night! How about that. Is it just me or are they getting lame? It has become an event where you O-D on your favourite celebrities being near each other. Like, omg is that Jlo and Merly Streep together! Like, how can they! Sure there was the cool speech by Patricia Arquette calling for wage equality, but the most diversity I must have seen was when The Rock and Zoe Saldana came on stage.

I have been making a big effort on the fitness department! It helps that my aunt is joining me – having someone as your fitness buddy really does the trick when you are struggling to get motivated. I mean, who else would you call to complain about your legs burning and your inability to walk up the stairs. I’m taking it very seriously now that I even printed out the fitness calendars cause I will fit into that size small strapless dress that I got from England almost 2-3 years ago! *_* If you want to join me, I’m going to be following the fitness program by Blogilates, her site has all the deets and her youtube channel has the videos which are you need.

Music wise, I really like this song right now.


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