March Forward

February came and went, and thankfully it did not conquer. I want to blame the mercury retrograde for this, even though it might seem silly. After all, what effect does a plant million miles away have on your person life? Overall, looking back, Feb was strange. There weren’t many highs, more lows and confusion riddled everywhere. I started working out, only to leave it half way (more like after the 3rd day opps). I wanted to focus on my books, yet my brain acts like the sky, with clouds floating about. I thought the next step was ready to be taken, but my rash emotions got the better of me. I blogged more! I like to think I was consistent in terms of at least once a week.

So, here is to March being way better than Feb.

To March, I hope that all my attention can be brought to fulfil these little goals. Cause big goals are scary.

That Strawberry Banana Smooth Life

#31daysofgoodness – if you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed this hashtag making an appearance today; if you haven’t seen it, it might be because I made my Instagram private recently because I like to do that sometimes. Anyway, the purpose of this hashtag is to find ways to make sure I eat something properly healthy at least once a day. By taking advantage of my Instagram addiction, I figured, doing it for a month would be easier than the #365daysofhappiness because I tried the #100daysofhealth and I got lazy cause the end was nowhere in sight. opps. BUT, you guys should totes try it with me, use the hashtag and we can be become smooth buddies 😉

#31daysofFIT – This one might not make its appearance on Instagram as much, but, this is so I can stay motivated to complete the workouts. I’ve noticed Blogilates has made calendars that focus on one area of your body, so I’m hoping to just use that to make my brain think that I’m cheating, but I’m not. I’m so smart LOL

#31daysoflove – Even if there is snow outside your door (hello Northern Hemisphere), let the spring into your life. Loving yourself and allowing yourself to experience new things is a part of the process. So start the pampering if you already haven’t. Go shopping. Get your nails did, or not if your’re not into that sort of thing. Try new places to eat (and then tell me, cause I’m tired of going to the same places). Read a book, or online articles. Plan a cool trip, even if it’s exploring your town like a tourist. Feed your mind, soul and body all the right ways, cause it’s your time.


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