My Most Productive Day Yet

Have you ever woken up before 9 am?

On a weekend??


Okay, if you have then whatevs, you must be come cool cat, but for us slobs lazy cat burritos, this was a big moment.

I was up by 7:30ish this fine Saturday morning, and began tweeting about it all by around 8 am. See, this was such a big deal lol As annoying as those first few moments were where I purposely kept my eyes shut to stay cuddly warm, alas, I woke and started my day. I started my day as I ideally would want to. I had my warm lemon water and made BREAKFAST! Eggs and avocado! The excitement! #winning

Omg, yeah I did! I would have pictures to prove my point, but the catalyst for my early rise was fixing le fadre’s phone. Because of course, the only Apple store with an available Genuis appointment ASAP would be about 60.7kms away from my residence. I was halfway to Niagara Falls, you guys, half way!!! If I didn’t need to come back and drop of dry cleaning/get groceries/pick up glasses/save the world/domestic magic, I probably would have gone and just chilled there.

In all, I spent my day in 3 different townships, across so many highways, and was so worth it. #noregrats I liked having my day so busy. I felt like I was getting so much done, with all my errands, with my life. I even managed to finish my to-do list before 4 o’clock which was when we were suppose to head out to family gathering. Now, it’s another story why I’m still home and not said family jam.

It feels strange – just to be sitting now, when I have spent the day moving and getting work done. I mean, I could start my other housework stuff, but I feel like I don’t need to get thattttt domestic. Let’s not get crazy now.


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