No time for Pause

Do you ever get to a moment where you think, ‘a pause button would be really good right now?‘ I’m not talking about pause from an argument or from exams but a pause from life.

Is it realistically possible to pause life? and if so, what will you gain from pausing life?

I recently watched Jupiter Ascending, you know the movie with Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum (it’s a pass, not that great but if you’re on a flight and nothing is on, watch it) and a scene stood out for me. The scene was with Mila and her ‘daughter’, where they talk about what aliens/other life force are really after: time. That with more time they can maximize all that they want to see and do. Gaining power or winning wars or resources won’t give you more time.

I found this interesting because we sometimes run from time and yet in an alternative way to look at it, time is all that you have. Will ignoring or diverting your issues solve the problem? Will it bring you a solution?

Why do we think that we can control the situations or circumstances around us? We are not in control. Everything must move concurrently and to resist that, it can become an exhausting burden. Time is a funny thing. When you feel that you have mentally come to a point, your physical age and being might not be at that point.

I feel that this becomes particularly dangerous when you set certain events in your life to occur pending another event. What are you waiting for? Nothing major will occur if a certain event happens before that or even after that. I just wonder if we become obsessed with our ideal vision of the world that we forget that everything must move forward that way it should. We cannot put conditions or restrictions. If something takes longer, then you will have to adapt. If something happens sooner, again, you will have to adapt. Granted we expect our life to move in a way we think it should, but sadly, life doesn’t run on a timeline – it just runs; and we must run with it. Playing catch up wherever we can.

We can say that by 25 we will be x,y,z and by 35 this and that will be done and by 70 I can retire. Reality Check: sometimes that just doesn’t happen.


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