Off the Grid

I thought I was done de-cluttering stuff around me, but I now feel that the de-cluttering is now spreading into other aspects of my life. Lately, I have been feeling like I need to go off the grid. Off the grid as in decreasing or eliminating my social media usage and all that fun stuff.

As much as I love refreshing Facebook and all the other fun apps, I started feeling overwhelmed. Overwhelmed at how behind I was falling in the race that is called life.

My peers are getting settled into their lives and here I am worrying about not falling off my bed. They are progressing with their passions, while I struggle with coming to terms with what I want in life. While they lead adventurous lives, my mundane routine of an existence became my antithesis.

A part of me realizes that I should not be complaining. These are first world problems and most likely, it’s my fault for not getting out there. However, when that information is repeatedly being flashed in your face like some obscene marketing ploy, I knew I needed to step back.

Going completely off grid is not possible considering I’m not travelling, but I’ve gone off facebook for sure. When I will be back? I don’t know. But I do feel better cutting that access into my private space. What about Twitter and Instagram? Will probably stay on there but unfollowing a few.

It’s refreshing to reclaim your space. To reclaim your moment. Sometimes, that’s all you need.


3 thoughts on “Off the Grid

  1. Good decision… social media addiction, particularly Facebook, whatsapp may lead one to go off the track, but getting off the track is necessary to get on the track 🙂 Wish you good luck for your endeavours..


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