Shady’s back

I’m back! Gosh, my last post was in May?? but it’s okay, I’m back….for now 🙂 Did you miss me? I know my last post was very anti-social media, which makes kinda no sense, since I live for social media (case in point, just creep my instagram), but my blogging silence also had to do with me figuring things out and enjoying life. So let’s catch up?


Chicago – I went to Chicago for the weekend to visit a friend of mine, which was bomb-diggity. Honestly, I might like Chicago more than New York. The city has the hustle of New York, but not the overwhelming feeling of New York. I have to go back, I didn’t get to see as much as I would have liked.


Miami – My friend is getting married, so why wouldn’t we do it up bachelorette style, right. Basically, I partied the whole 3 days and slept less than 8 hours. Highlight? My makeup – I was so glad I looked fresh.



  • I have been going to Hot Yoga and Hot Pilates regularly for more than 3 months now, and I like to think my body appreciates that, even though I’m ready to take a nap during some of the poses. 😛
  • My adorable baby cousin is adorbs and I continue to take more embarrassing pictures of him, cause you know, I’m the cool sister.
  • Tell me how I spent almost 2-3 weeks going to Sephora trying to figure out my skin care routine. It started off with me going to get a foundation for my friends bridal shower and the next thing I know I’m talking to a skin care person and now I’m only using products she recommends. At this point, I know someone in each department and I like to think that we are friends. #notcreepyatall


  • Remember that boy I mentioned indirectly with all my rant-like blog posts? Yea, that chapter is properly closed since he apparently said that “It didn’t work cause she didn’t show me the way.” Like, yes, let me not act on self-preservation and tell you how to get to the yellow brick road to my heart, rather than you making the effort. Needless to say, I’m over it.
  • After wondering if I even like guys, I saw the more adorable old-man-in-young-person-body over at a municipal office I went to, and now I’m obsessed with him. Goal now is to take creeper shots of him, find out if he has a gf and find him on Facebook so I can stare at his beautiful face all day.


3 thoughts on “Shady’s back

      1. yes Milan is cute 😊 but you have to come in Rome and in Sicily too… ️you will love them! next week my post about it You will see how many amazing places we are 😊 if u want follow me! ciao 😄

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