The Time I Binge-watched Too Much

One of the many interesting ways I de-stress is by binge-watching shows.

binge watch·ing

the practice of watching multiple episodes of a television program in rapid succession, typically by means of DVDs or digital streaming.
people who watch television online say they regularly indulge in binge watching
It all started one fine Thursday evening after a tiring day at work. I was innocently strolling through Popcorn Time, cause lets be real, I’m too cheap to get Netflicks unless you want to share your password. As my evening was on it’s way, I clicked on “Teen Wolf.” Why? Why would I click on an MTV show aimed at hormonal teens that uses the themes of fantasy, horror and supernatural along with a dose of hormones to watch? I’m not so sure either. But after 3 days and almost finishing season 3, I have made some interesting conclusions about this show.
This show appeals to me cause it reminds me of a favourite childhood show of mine, which contained typical archetypical characters, which my binge-induced-brain came up with at 5:30am. Yeah, my office going adult body is hating me for what’s going to happen on monday. Let’s begin!
The main character Scott, is basically Goku. He is the unlikely hero that has power thrust upon him. He fights for righteousness and has an unhealthy obsession with saving the world and protecting everyone.
His best friend Stiles, the reason why I watch the show, is probably Gohan, who in my opinion is the strongest character has so much wonderful sass that I would be like yes, thats what I need to be around asap.
Derek, the older wise dude is like Vegeta, the Prince of the land who has too many senti-feels in past which makes him the dark brooding dude you just want to snuggle up with.
Best of all, Stiles knows what you need to hear.
and thats the end of this post cause I got distracted by all the gifs on tumblr. Toodles. Anyone else watch this show? Can we all swoon over Stiles and Derek?

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