Big apple anyone?

John F. Kennedy Airport

New York New York! What can be said that already hasn’t?

This was my third visit to New York, and it seems that one really cannot tire of the big apple. It’s like every visit shows a new side of the city that has yet to be explored and seen. I went for the weekend and it might have done the trick for my wanderlust, for now!
Friday night was Times Square night. All those lights and people is really amusing to chill around in, unless you don’t do well in crowds. The stores there remain open till 2am which was horrifying yet amazing at the same time. Omg best part, saw Seth Rogan filming his Christmas movie!!! Needless to say, I was quite excited lol
Flatiron Building, by Madison Square Garden

Saturday was spent wandering down to Madison square garden. Hitting up the Empire State Building, then walking down 5th to union square and into the flatiron district was really nice. It’s really helpful that most squares also offer free wifi, making it really nice for social media-internet addicts to connect on the go. Eataly is a really nice cafe by Madison square garden with really yummy desserts so I would def recommended going there.

Central Park

Sunday was the lazy day at Central Park. I love Central Park, it really shows the juxtaposition between the hyper urban metropolis of the city and the relaxing nature of the park. In some parts, you would honestly think you aren’t in New York City anymore. Walking through the park can easily take up half a day, maybe more if you are going at a more lewisite pace. I managed to get half way through before I remembered that Laudree was near by and went off to get some macaroons. Opps. Ending the day by shopping on Lexington and dinner at Times Square was nice.


Inspired from Jenay Ross, so I figured I would give it a try :) I tag all of u! lol

MAKING / smoothies 
COOKING something my mom made?
DRINKING tea and smoothies
READING Sadly my study notes :(
WANTING a trip
LOOKING for a full time job.
PLAYING something on Spotify, right now “Nevergreen” by Emancipator
SEWING nothing at the moment, but I do have a fish I need to finish
WISHING for a successful 2nd half of 2014.
ENJOYING time with friends.
WAITING for something
LIKING these heart glasses and ice tea
WONDERING why I’m not concentrating as best I could

LOVING family

HOPING things work out.
MARVELING at new music discoveries.
NEEDING a massage.
SMELLING fresh flowers.
WEARING tank top and palazzo pants
FOLLOWING my heart and my gut.
NOTICING character flaws.
KNOWING myself more.
THINKING about making a proper blogging schedule
BOOKMARKING lifestyle blogs.
OPENING a million files for projects.
GIGGLING at sloth and wombat pictures
FEELING overwhelmed but excited.

Nude cover


Mani Monday is back! After almost a whole summer off (lazy summer and basking in sunshine takes it’s toll) I’m back with this weekly post!

With summer almost over (darn you Canadian bipolar weather) it seems that autumn is not far which made me feel like I really need to have a proper nude polish. The kind that doesn’t wash out my hands but still looks clean and cute. Lo and behold, the Sally Hanson in Grey-T escape. I found that this one works the best with my skin and it has a slight pinkish yet grey hue.

What’s your go-to nude polish?

Berry magic



  • 4-5 blackberries
  • handful of blueberries
  • 4-5 strawberries
  • milk

Mix away and enjoy

I wonder if these are more milkshakes than smoothies, since I’m not adding anything fancy like chia seeds and matcha green tea powder, but what can I say, I like the smooth and simple life ;)