Full Disclosure

If I have learned anything so far in my legal education, it’s that disclosure plays a key competent in the running of the system. Not just the disclosure, but also when information should be disclosed. I feel that this is a universal lesson that really can be applied in all aspects of our life.

When to tell your friend that there is a sample sale? When to admit that you have an obsession with The Mindy Project and secretly, you are looking for your Danny? When to, maybe, disclose your past to your partner? I am, by no means, a relationship master, considering I *think* I’ve been on 1 date in my whole life (LOL #truestory), but from observation alone, I feel like I could be the next Oprah!

Disclosure is important in a relationship, there is no doubt about that, however, there is always a line. Always a line of when to disclose and when to say what. There is no game in that, it is simply surviving a relationship. No matter how much trust and ‘loyalty’ that may exist. There is always a way and a time to tell the story; especially considering your past.

Although this may be an unfair rule, or it may be only South Asian guys that this applies to (from what I have seen), but one way or another, they assume some level of ‘purity’. Sure, in this day and age, who doesn’t have an active sex life, but you know it, your neighbour knows it, and your grandma knows it: sometimes the guy is not ready to know your number. Sometimes the guy is never ready to know the stretch of your sexual history.

The double-standard sucks, it’s practically regressive, but it’s there. There is no point in arguing with it, and no point in changing it. The most you can do is being smart about it, and when to tell your partner about it. As romantic as movies make it seem, sometimes the prince is not a prince: he is just human.



Got your cuppa of the day? Let’s chat as monday is being monday!

This past week has been monotonous to say the least. I have gone nocturnal again, so my days begin at 3pm and end at 6am. Hurray, all I see is the dark and just enough sun to get some vitamins. I can’t tell if this is good or not, but at least I’m getting some work done.

I decided to kick start my lack of motivation that I should set up my studying schedule to better combat my laziness. So far, it’s going good. It also helps to have a friend who is also on my case to study harder! I have been to caught up in my studying that I failed to realize when the Mindy Project was released!

Mindy Project was a pretty funny episode. I loved it when Danny was attempting to lie lol As for Brooklyn 99, I feel like it might take a few episodes to get back to the grind. Either that, or I’m expecting too much from an episode. I have given up watching New Girl ever Jess broke up. It just isn’t the same anymore, you know?

Music wise, this song was keeping me company all Thursday night! It has that quite night deep though type zone. Unless I just like listening to this type of music at night when I study lol

Funnily enough, my friend was finally proposed too, which is funny because her engagement ceremony is in like 2-3 weeks. The families knew it was going to happen, the couple knew it was going to happen, he just hadn’t asked her. I can’t wait for her wedding, but alas, it is a year away so I might be getting excited a little too prematurely.

Omg, also, Amal Clooney! She is so smart and pretty! Like, its not cool, but its cool to see someone young and from an ethnic background be so talented and intelligent. Clearly she gets her word in when she goes to court. It’s pretty admirable to see someone who is passionate in their field and pursing a cause. I guess some of us take our time finding that cause.

My quest for the pony shirt has so far gone nowhere. But I now possess a pony stuff toy. I can’t tell if that gives me the same amount of happiness or not.

How was your week? Do anything fun post thanksgiving dinner?

My worst enemy

Dear worst enemy,

How I loath you. Every time I see you, I wonder what I did wrong. Did I not do everything right to avoid you? Did I not cleanse myself of all the dirt that consumes you? When I thought I washed myself clean from it all, you return, all perky and bright saying hello.

IMG_4436You are worst then the creepy aunties that ask me what I’m doing with my life and when I’ll be settling down.

You are worst than the half done pancakes I keep making.

Worse than the cold coffee that was suppose to be warm and snuggly.

Worse than the betrayal of the cheesecake.

Worse than when my eye linear wing doesn’t match.

Your presence is not wanted. Everyone told me I would be rid of you if I followed their advise. Every time, everyone told me that with time, it all gets better. Pop culture told me you would be gone, but nope, like the horrible cheesy movie that keeps coming on TV, you return.

All I can say now is, do whatever you want. I can’t be bothered anymore with covering up the bumps and scars you leave behind. I can’t be bothered with all the precautions I keep taking to avoid you. Enough is enough.

You came by in my teen years and had your fun. I’m well into my typical ‘adult’ years so please go away. I get it, I’m obsessed with watching my favourite shows and looking for a shirt with a sparkly pony on it but that that doesn’t mean I’m a teen. I’m just a kid at heart. There is a difference thank you very much.

In closing, I would just like to say please go away and never come back. I’m hoping that you burn like the blazing power of 5037482901 million rays of the sun!!!

Thank you.

P.s. My enemy is my acne :p

What’s your blog about?


What a simple yet difficult question. When I first started blogging, it was more or less an online journal of sorts. A means to talk to the universe, cause why not. Between the 7.125 billion people on earth, I figured having a place to drabble wouldn’t hurt. As I grew, it seems so has my blog; yet, our fundamentals are the same.

I still continue to blog about whatever I feel like chatting about with the universe. My interests are unchanged, it’s just I have begun vocalizing the other aspects of my interests and experiences now. I now talk about travelling, which I love, but this is by no means a travel blog. I love food, in terms of instagramming it and sharing recipes, but again, this is not a food blog. I talk about tips for life, but I am hardly Martha Stewart. I share music like the next DJ, but this is hardly mtv. I make observations about our culture, yet I’m no academic or a person of authority. Between staring at nail polish to my awkward love life and musings of living in 2 cultures, I am everywhere.IMG_4435.PNG

Would this make my blog a personal blog? But I hardly get into my personal business aside from the odd rant moment. It would appear that this is anything but a personal blog. I do not share intense personal conversations, only a snippet of where a thought is stemmed from. I do not list names. I do not list dates. I do not have an agenda of what this blog is to achieve. It is to just exist. In its existence, if I meet people, and share stories with others that can relate, is that not the greatest achievement? On a planet of 7 billion unique individuals, I met another that shares a thought. Now isn’t that what it’s all about.

The Brew


Good Morning or Afternoon dudes and dudettes! It seems that I spent most of this week attempting to get back to not sleeping at 6am. You can thank Nuit Blanche for that! Between struggling to study and write some posts, my week went by.

Spotify continued to introduce new music, and I found that I really do love Zella Day! Her two songs, East of Eden and Sweet Ophelia are easily my favourites. I have always been drawn to this type of brooding yet bittersweet music and its nice to finally listen to something that is not Ariana Grande or some other tweeny-bopper. I also finally listened to Florence and the Machines. It’s sad. I know. But I’m slowly getting around to listening to music. Clearly the ‘dark and stormy’ playlist is a favourite of mine now. I love how apps like spotify or Stereomood have pre made playlists to listen to so you can find new music without having to hop around Youtube.

I started watching Dragon Ball GT because a) I’m so bored b) I don’t want to study and am procrastinating to the best of my abilities and c) I didn’t watch GT the first time around. I am hardcore Dragon Ball Z fan. From the way Gohan turns Super Saiyan to the cool adventures to Namek. Now I’m marvelling in the cool adventure of when the main kids are all adults and it’s just fun watching Vegeta be all domestic lol Am I a tween? Maybe LOLLLL


How was your week?